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March 30, 2014

SmartSaver (you can also find it named as SmartSaver +) is not a virus or malware that is designed to steal your valuable information or money. However, this program has been included to adware category because it is based on unfair distribution methods and then causes totally annoying activities. When SmartSaver virus is inside the system, you may notice hundreds of pop-up ads that are labeled “Ads not by this site”, “Ads by SmartSaver”, etc. These ads are usually filled with tantalizing information about discounts and coupons but all what they do is make people visit related websites. Besides, victims have also been reporting about annoying SmartSaver redirects to unknown sites and browser is slow downs. If you have been suffering from these activities, you must check the PC for this potentially unwanted program and fix your computer.

How can SmartSaver infiltrate my computer?

SmartSaver is spread as a web browser plugin, which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You can download it from the official site or in a bundle with other software. In most cases, people are tricked into installing it on the system when downloading PDF creators, download managers, various accelerators and similar freeware from third parties. Of course, you can prevent their infiltration. You just need to follow some simple steps that are usually recommended by safety experts. To begin with, you should always choose Custom or Advanced installation method and avoid Recommended or Quick download. In addition, you must keep an eye on each installation step and read all the sentences that appear during it. Finally, as soon as you find the check box that says you agree to install Smart Saver, you must clear it.

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How delete


If SmartSaver hijacked your computer, you may notice your ads, banners and similar notifications that are filled with predetermined links. We do not recommend click on them because they can redirect you to unsafe websites or trick you into installing some of the potentially unwanted program. If you decided to remove SmartSaver from the system, you should use these steps:  

Remove potentially unwanted programs from the system, follow these steps:

Click Start-> Control Panel-> Programs (or Add/Remove Programs)-> Uninstall a Program.
Here, look for SmartSaver and similar items.
Select ‘ Uninstall/Change ‘ and click OK to save changes

Fix each of your browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer, click the Gear icon or ‘ Tools ‘ -> ‘ Internet Options ‘.
Here, go to the ‘ Advanced ‘ tab and click the ‘ Reset ‘ button.
Go to the ‘ Reset Internet Explorer settings ‘-> ‘ Delete personal settings ‘ and click on ‘ Reset ‘ option.
Finally, click ‘ Close ‘ and OK to save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open Mozilla Firefox, go to the ‘ Help ‘ section-> ‘ Troubleshooting Information ‘.
Download Removal Toolto remove SmartSaver Here, select a ‘ Reset Firefox ‘ for a couple of times and ‘ Finish ‘.

Google Chrome:

Click the Chrome menu button, select ‘ Tools ‘-> ‘ Extensions ‘, find unknown extensions and similar items, and delete them by clicking Recycle bin.
Now click ‘ Settings ‘-> ‘ Manage search engines ‘ and change the default search engine.

Scan your computer with one of these programs:   SpyHunter, STOPzilla. This will help you to make sure that your computer is completely clean.


Instructions on how to remove Remove SmartSaver from computer’s browsers

Delete Remove SmartSaver search engine from Mozilla Firefox

Step 1. Open Firefox browser; Trace Options sections and from here, navigate to General tab. While in here, go for Restore to Default, and finally hit OK (to have your startup page modified).



Step 2. The icon of the search engine owns an arrow (down) which you should press on now. When the drop-down list appears, you should choose Manage Search Engines section. Here, you should look for the search provider which you consider unnecessary (In this case it may be Remove SmartSaver) and remove it.


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Step 3. While in this browser, prepare to generate a new tab. This can be done by typing in ‘about:config’ (into the address line). Then, a particular window will be displayed. To confirm that you want to continue, press on ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’.


Step 4. Which follows next is the search box, where you should type in the address of the website you are trying to delete (in this case Remove SmartSaver); when the results come out, you have to make a right click on it. Then, of course, finish with Reset.

Uninstall Remove SmartSaver from Internet Explorer

Step1. If you have IE 9/10, look for the gear icon. An if you have IE 8, move to Tools. Then follow to Manage Add-ons – Search Providers sections. Choose a new search tool which you would like to use in the future (it may be or any toher). Then, righ click on it and go for Set as default. At the end, trace, make a right click on, remove the unwanted search provider which you now have.


Step 2. Now follow the sequence: Gear icon (or Tools) – Internet Options – General. Look for Tabs and press on Settings. Then, find one of the selections named ‘When a new tab is opened, open:’, ‘Your first home page’ ‘A blank page’ and go for OK.


Eliminate Remove SmartSaver from Google Chrome

Step 1. Route the cursor ofthe mouse to Start and Settings. When later on in On startup, choose Open the new tab pages and press on Set pages.

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Step 2. If you see Remove SmartSaver, you should immediately get rid of it by clicking on X.


Step 3. The next recommendation is to go to Appearance, choose Show Home button and Change. In this way, you will get rid of Remove SmartSaver and will have your wanted serach engine to be present on your browser.


Step 4. The final step commands to move to Search and get to know whether your wanted search tool is set in first bar. Go on with pressing on Manage Search engines and removing the unnecessary search provider with X.



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